The Top15 rules in State 278

1. Peace between Top15 alliances, ALWAYS.

2. Under Top15 alliances

a) Peace for ALL while the week of Cross State, to gain power and rebuild.

b) In the other week under Top15 alliances can be attacked.

3. Cross State War

a) We all work together against the Enemy State

b) After the start of Cross State war (War with Enemy State), all troops that are out Gathering can be attacked, so that the enemy doesn't get the points.

c) Cities of our State, without shield are not allowed to be attacked, because they might be a trap for the enemies (when reinforced by powerful troops)

d) Please make sure, when your city is NOT a trap to use a shield.

4. Farm Alliances

a) Only 2 farm alliances for each main alliance

b) It must be clearly written in slogan: This is a farm alliance of ... (Main alliance Tag)

c) Cities in farm alliances are not allowed to attack.

d) Top15 alliances are not allowed to protect alliances not in top15 except their own Farm alliance.

5. No farming in other alliances territory. If someone gathers in enemy territory the gathering troops can be attacked and the base of the gathering person can be attacked.



DxE - Alliance Rules:

1. DxE follows those rules above.

2. We don't attack and/or scout Top15 alliances or our friends (see Alliance slogan), if you do, you will be punished.

3. Donation for alliance technology is requiered, weekly donation of 0 gets you demoted in rank or even kicked out of alliance.

4. Finish a resource spot completely, don't leave small amounts of resources. If you cant finish in one go, use a lower level resource spot.

5. Level 10 resource spots

a) If you need one, ask someone that can place one and donate 1.000 stones, then your spot will be placed.

b) Use that spot right away. There is no "This is my spot, I will gather it later"

c) Finish the level 10 spot in ONE go, or resend your troops just after the return.

d) If a level 10 spot isn't used for 1 hour, everyone is allowed to use it, first come, first serve.

e) Sugesstion: Only use level 10 spots while "gathering events" or in times of war.

6. While Cross State we focuse on the phases that are on:

- Gathering

- Zombie Killing

- Technology Research

- Building Upgrade

- Troop Training

- Kill Event 1

- Kill Event 2

Check the activity Center to see the points you get for the different actions.

7. dxe and dXe are our Farm Alliances